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End of Season Dinner – This Saturday Night
It's time for The End of Season Dinner.
Everyone should of RSVP and paid by now. If you still have RSVP and want to go contact Graeme on 0404 893014 ASAP

Dinner will held at the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham. The dinner will cost $50 per head and payment will be required with your RSVP to attended.
A reminder that it a Red & White theme, So please feel free to dress and be creative.



Emma & Graeme

Junior corner


Last week our Div 3 Boys were defeated 2-4 and our Green Ball Girls White team lost by 2 games.

Both teams played so well on the day and we look forward to seeing you all back next Summer.

Congratulations to the Div 9 Boys who won by 3 games and the Div 7 Girls who won convincingly 6-0.

We look forward to seeing both these teams continue again this week.

Our Orange Ballers have also finished their season – somewhere along the way my communication
failed as I thought they were to play this week as well but apparently not.  So we hope you all
enjoyed your season and we look forward to seeing you back again next year as well.

So this week we have 5 teams in the Grand Final which is a record for Rory and I and we are very excited.

Remember Win or Lose enjoy yourselves it is a great achievement to reach a Grand Final and
of course it is a bonus if your team wins but if not there is always next year!

A quote by Roger Federer

Losing is not my enemy..fear of losing is my enemy.

We look forward to celebrating as many Wins as we can on Monday night at our Junior Presentation.

If you have not RSVP’d this is your last chance as we need to finalise the pizza order.


Please arrive at the venue you are playing by 8.15am and warm up with
your team members.  Remember to call the score and use the score
boards if available.  Please note to all parents that it is fine to support
your child and other team mates but not to interfere.  If the kids have
difficulties and lose the score then they can call for the venue Supervisor
to come and assist.


Please rsvp number of attending to Michelle by 27 March. 

Either text 0438 814 964 or email

Dinner, drinks and ice creams will all be available!

Cost: $5 per person – this event is subsidised by the CLWTC!

Good Luck on Saturday!

Michelle – 0438 814 964
Rory – 0421 680 372

This weeks teams and locations are here

Senior corner

Congratulations and the very best of luck to our Div. 1 Men's Singles; Div. 3 White Ladies Singles & Div. 7 Red Men's Singles on reaching the Grand Final.

Commiserations to Div. 3 Mixed Doubles who lost their Grand Final. Also Div. 4 Mixed Singles and Div 7 White Men's Singles who all did not proceed to the Grand Finals.

Thank you to all of the people who came out to support our teams last week it makes a big difference to moral and team spirit –  It would be greatly appreciated if people could get behind our teams once again this week.

4 out of our 10 teams are playing in grand finals a great Club effort!
Team Captains please read and follow the Grand Final information sent out by Darryl Buchanan below.

Troy & Jed

Dear Senior and Junior Competition Club contacts,

Darryl will be your Match Referee for any matters in dispute for ALL grand finals (I will refer matters involving O'Halloran Hill TC if they cannot be settled amicably or sensibly). I will be available on 0422 004 570.
For Juniors – Please ensure that you have a Venue Supervisor in place and that person makes themselves known to their opponents before the match commences. The Venue Supervisor may also be the Team Supervisor but this is not compulsory.

The venue supervisor should ensure that matches continue on ALL AVAILABLE COURTS – regardless of whether players wish to use those courts or not.

Junior team supervisors should be the first persons to settle matters in dispute before escalating any matters to the Match referee.

For Seniors – please ensure that you identify your respective captains BEFORE the match commences. The captains are the first persons to resolve disputes before they call the Match Referee. They must also ensure that matches are played on ALL available courts.

Senior Captains and Junior Team Supervisors – Please ensure that match sheets are exchanged BEFORE the match commences.
These cannot be altered after exchanging them unless both teams agree – without any undue pressure being placed for agreement either!!

Please ensure that all players play the correct opponents. Should the wrong players play off then the matches MUST be started again and played correctly.
If the match cannot be completed in the scheduled session, the higher team will be declared the winner.
For Friday night juniors matches are to stop at 5 minutes prior to the lighting curfew for that venue.
For Saturday morning Juniors – the cut off time is 12.45pm regardless of whether the match has a result or the courts are required or not required.

For seniors – read rule 75 except  no return or replay of matches on Sunday.
The Venue Supervisor ideally should set the scene a couple of minutes before play commences by gathering all teams players AND SPECTATORS and advising them that no help OR COMMENTS from outside the court are permitted regarding line calls or scoring. This applies also to senior matches where captains have the responsibility for directing their players.
It is the on court players and umpires (if required) that have that responsibility ONLY.
If players cannot agree on the score they should request the two junior team supervisors or senior captains to come on court to assist a resolution.  

Points agreed are kept and points not agreed are replayed.
The same for line calls – if the two players cannot agree then the original call stands.  Points should not be replayed. 
Subsequently should an umpire be required you must observe Rules 69-71.

For juniors it CANNOT be EITHER players parent.
Umpires responsibilities are ALL scoring and ALL line calls. Players DO NOT CALL LINES OR SCORES.
However if a match is reaching a point where disputes are still not being resolved and may in fact be escalating – please call me.
Trophy presentations – home venue responsibility
Juniors – there will be a shield for the winning team; and individual trophies for both teams. The home venue will receive two sets of engraved badges for placing on the shields.  please put the correct winning team on the shield and dispose of the other badge. 

Seniors – as above but there are no individual player trophies.
For both seniors and juniors, we would appreciate you conducting a small presentation ceremony thanking all participants and any other persons. For juniors, please announce the players names as you present them their trophies. 
Present the runners-up first followed by the winners and then the plaque.
Please identify (prior to the presentations) one winning team player to make a short acceptance speech.
This should be mandatory in my opinion.
Also please give an opportunity for photos (perhaps on court) for both teams separately AND together.
This whole finals experience is about the players and my request to you is to enhance that experience wherever possible.
Finally should you have any questions please contact me on 0422 004 570.


The Junior Rules and other Tennis Australia documents are on the home page of our website at the bottom of the page –


Please ensure all score sheets are entered and confirmed by 7pm Sunday evening to avoid fines.


I hope it all goes smoothly and thank you for your role in this.
Darryl Buchanan
0422 004 570


This week's teams and locations can be found here.

Troy 0408 140 960
Jed 0422 442 434



What's On!
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Club Merchandise

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  • Club Hoodies $85
  • Caps $18
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  • Stubby holders $6
BENDIGO BANK 5 cent tin!
Dear members,
Donate your spare 5 cent coins and Bendigo Bank will match what ever funds we can raise.
Bendigo Bank has provided a tin which is on the bar at the club

Its for a great cause and your help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Be at the club by 6 to 6.30pm for the weekly prize draw.
See you all the club!


Our coach, Damien Page is available for individual and group coaching sessions on an ongoing basis. Please contact him on 0407 184 781 or to arrange a convenient time. If you wish to see what time slots may be available please click here 

We encourage you to like Damien's Facebook page – Damien Page Tennis Coaching for ongoing information and updates.


We welcome constructive feedback from our members to help to continue to make Colonel Light West  a great club. Please feel free to speak to a Committee member or email our President Leigh Aitken.
That's it for this week. Stay up to date with what's happening around the club via our weekly emails and good luck on the courts this week!
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